International freight forwarding service


Transport logistics and freight forwarding worldwide are the key specializations of Avalon FFC. You came to the right place for all your needs in timely delivery of your cargo to anywhere in the world.

Avalon FFC provides logistic and freight forwarding services for private, commercial and public sectors respectively, wherein the latter being the fastest growing segment in the last few years. In addition, use of innovative technologies allowed the Company to developed and implement a dedicated and personalized approach to its clients.

Experienced team of Avalon FFC has extensive operational and technical knowledge on the safe, secure and timely freight shipping. Our staff is always attentive to all of your needs and expectations by providing high quality services.

For the delivery of your cargoes, Avalon FFC professionals will plan and choose the most optimal transportation routes and the most reliable carriers.


International Shipping

The Avalon Freight Forwarding Company founded in 2000. Since then company provides its services for the international shipping. Creation of the company came as an answer to the urgent need for a new level of service in the industry.

Over these years, Avalon FFC has evolved into the company with numerous partners and large network of cargo carriers.

Today, Avalon FFC offer logistics transport services by sea and air to and from the United States, Europe, China and C.I.S. countries. As well as, Avalon FFC could arrange transportation of cargoes by road and by rail from the West and Central European countries to Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and from the East European and Central Asian countries to Central and West Europe.

High professional level of Avalon’s staff and long-standing relations with its partners guarantee the implementation of cargo transportation of any complexity.

Russian and East European land transportation

Russian market has great potential for development in the field of cargo transportation.

Land transportation in Russia has its own specifics that are not limited to the poor state of roads and long distances, but as well, as customs corruption, looting, poor safety on roads etc.

We are well familiar with all problems, but we have practical knowledge of how to handle cargo to ensure safe and timely delivery. So nowadays, it became more convenient for transportation of cargoes from Europe to C.I.S. countries.

Avalon FFC provides Export and Import to Russia and Eastern European countries through the organization of cargo transportation, customs clearance, and cargo insurance.

Transportation Of General and oversized cargo

The company's main activity is the transportation of general (break bulk cargoes) and oversized cargo.

Traditionally, many products and goods are packaged and shipped as break bulk cargo, and this has not changed over time. The majority of general cargo transported by the company are highly valuable products, such as windmills, generators, steel products, spare parts, as well as various kinds of wood and minerals.

As for transportation of oversized cargo, Avalon FFC takes care of well in advance about all the stages necessary for pre-planning: loading and unloading of the cargo with help of truck cranes, reconnaissance of the route, arranging of special permits at home and abroad taking into account country-specific regulations, organization of police escorts and traffic control measures, clarification of customs formalities, insurance.

Sea Freight

The huge volume of global trade conducted via sea freight. This activity takes one of the leading places in Avalon FFC. We offer sea freight in containers or in bulk.

Every day, Avalon FFC provides transportation of cargoes by sea freight to a variety of places around the world. Through cooperation with other logisticians and carriers, we can offer the appropriate capacities and reasonable prices to meet your demands.

With a complete range of sea freight services, by using effective approach to available opportunities, we are able to provide competitive sea transportation on every major trade line between European countries, Russia, USA, Far East countries and other.

Through our network of experienced professionals, strong connections with shippers worldwide and extreme flexibility, we can clearly respond to any needs, that you may have, in relation to cargo transportation.

Our forwarding services at the sea freight includes use of infrastructure facilities and their services in all seaports.

Project handling

As an expert in international projects, the company offers customized solutions for the transportation of cargoes of any complexity. In addition, Avalon FFC maintains recurring deliveries and supplies for state tender projects.

Our project teams develop and introduce tailor-made concepts for the shipment of heavy-duty objects. Thus, Avalon FFC could cover the whole process chain from the procurement to distribution.

Avalon FFC offers a complete feasibility study, including the transportation of production lines and special equipment, partial or full charter transportation by sea or air, route survey, technical support and seaworthy packing procedures.

For the freight logistics company, project forwarding is a challenge that requires involvement of all the knowledge and experience of the employees. Avalon FFC will provide you with meticulous planning in conjunction with global coordination, prompt handling and the observance of comprehensive checks.

Cargoes and industry specialization

Professional and tech-savvy employees of Avalon FFC provide a high quality service to meet the specific requirements of industry and commerce, including mining companies, international traders, metal producers and refiners, the agricultural sector and the general public.

Avalon FFC has extensive experience in organizing carriage of cargoes of any category. The company carry out regular shipments of the following types of cargo:

  • general – spare parts, electronics etc.
  • oversized, heavy lifts – construction equipment, metal products etc.
  • perishable – reagents, medicines and pharmaceutical products, food etc.
  • valuable – precious metals, valuable stuff etc.
  • dangerous goods – solids, liquids, or gases.
Avalon FFC cargos' statistic for 2007-2015


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Avalon FFC is proud to announce the opening of its new offices in Budapest and Hong Kong in July, 2017.